Young & Restless: Who Is Cait Fairbanks Dating? Musician Jay Rudolph


This is not a drill, people!

While we’re sure there will inevitably be trouble down the line for The Young and the Restless‘ Tessa and Mariah (this is a soap opera, after all), for now, the happy newly(ish)weds are still in their honeymoon phase. And who can blame them? Love clearly agrees with the two.

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And all it takes is a quick view of Cait Fairbanks’ social media to see that the same can be said about her when it comes to real-life beau, Jay Rudolph. The actress issued a “swoon alert” for her handsome fella, and really, who are we to argue?

It doesn’t take much to see what she sees in the handsome musician, from his tickling the ivories and a beach photo that is pretty much the definition of “casual” to… a BBQ Brisket Sundae? Wait, what? Actually, that does sound kind of appealing. Where can we try one of those?

Fairbanks’ friends and fans all chimed in to say how happy they were to see her happy with Rudolph. And as for the man himself, well, it’s no secret that he feels much the same way!

Back in July he wished her a happy birthday with a downright adorable post, celebrating Fairbanks with photos and videos — including a clip of her just walking down the road, smiling at him with a gentle love as he films.

“Thank you for making the world feel like such a light and magic place,” Rudolph wrote in the post. “I am so absolutely enamored with you.

No wonder we got a swoon alert. We wish nothing but the best for the happy couple!

Keep the love going as you relive Tessa and Mariah’s utterly groovy wedding with our photo gallery of their unforgettable nuptials. 

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