Young & Restless Stars Give Dating Advice for The Real Love Boat Crew, Video


The CBS soap cast embraces altogether opposing approaches to real-life love and romance.

Options for dating in this day and age are a lot different from years gone by. While some still like to meet people the old fashion way, say at the grocery store, in a bar or at church, others like to go out on blind dates or use the various dating apps available out there. Well, if you are looking for advice when it comes to dating, some of The Young and the Restless stars sat down to give their best tips to the contestants of The Real Love Boat, which premiered on Wednesday, October 5.

While Conner Floyd (Chance) shared, “Just be a gentlemen, everyone loves a gentlemen, be nice, do the right thing,” his castmate Camryn Grimes (Mariah) warned, “Don’t ignore red flags. Be on the lookout for those guys, they’re everywhere.”

Others weighed in as well, like Brytni Sarpy (Elena), who stated, “Be content with yourself, be content with being alone so that anyone that you add to your life is a supplement and adds value but does not make your life.”

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Next up was Michael Mealor (Kyle), who insisted, “You need a good pick-up line, you need a good sense of humor and you need to put down the phone.” Hmmm, if we’re not mistaken, that first part sounded like a red flag…

Cait Fairbanks (Tessa) suggested, “Just be around someone you really enjoy, that’s the most important part about being in a relationship… being with someone that you have fun with.” Plus, Sean Dominic (Nate) stated, “Be wary of anyone who’s trying too hard,” while Tracey E. Bregman warned, “Don’t do anything I’ve done.”

The first thing that came to mind for Allison Lanier (Summer) was, “Just be yourself,” as Rory Gibson (Noah) advised, “Be mysterious but not reserved but quiet, keeps the mystery alive, keeps the attention flowing… and listen.” And Kelsey Wang (Allie) added, “Being able to communicate with each other and being really direct. If you guys have a conflict being able to talk it out and also having faith in your partner.”

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However, Christian LeBlanc (Michael) might have had the funniest advice… “Don’t say a word because you can tank it. Just stand there and look mysterious… in your Speedo… kind of with a lot of…”

You have to watch to hear how he finished that bit of advice — and we can guarantee some would see a red flag or two in there… all in fun, of course!

Who do you think gave the best advice? Let us know in the comment section and feel free to share your own as well.

And view our photo gallery below for more romantic advice from your favorite daytime stars.

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