You need to know these 6 new dating terms and the manipulative tactics they expose


6 dating terms and the manipulative tactics they expose

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  • Roaching, breadcrumbing, pocketing – these terms all have something to do with dating, but what do they mean?
  • We break down some dating slang and terms you should be aware of if you’re currently on the search for love. 
  • These terms will help spot red flags that could indicate future toxic behaviour.

Roaching, breadcrumbing, pocketing – these words all have something to do with dating, but what do they mean? If you’re confused, don’t worry, we get it.

As if dating is not hard enough on its own, now there are all these terms that we have to keep up with as well.

We’re here to break down a few of them, just to help you along.


Yes, this term actually refers to cockroaches. According to Glamour, the term was coined by AskMen and describes a partner still sleeping around with other people, which generally happens at the beginning of the relationship.

Roaching typically takes place before a new couple has had “the talk”, where they define the relationship and explicitly state that they are exclusive.

While some people may be aware that their new partner is still chatting to another person, roaching gets its name from the theory that when you see one cockroach, it usually means that there are many others around. In other words, you may think your partner is talking to one other person, while there could be multiple partners that they have not disclosed.

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Breadcrumbing simply refers leading somebody on with no intention of actually pursuing a relationship with them.

It’s a manipulative tactic to ensure someone remains dependent on you without committing to them.


Has your partner been hiding you? No pictures on social media; you haven’t met their friends or family? Hate to break it to you, but it sounds like you’ve been pocketed.

Pocketing basically refers to your partner keeping your relationship on the down low. It could indicate feelings of shame or hesitation to commit.


This is one you have probably heard about before. Ghosting happens when your partner suddenly stops texting, calling or talking to you in general. They just disappear from your life without a trace or any explanation.

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Probably the opposite of ghosting, this is when someone (most probably your ex) still hangs around your social media without actually interacting with you. They’ll like an Instagram post or view your WhatsApp status, but they won’t actually talk to you. It can sometimes be a painful reminder of what could have been.

Love bombing

When a partner overwhelms you with affection at the beginning of a relationship to woo you and allow you to become emotionally dependent on them, that’s called love bombing. The terrible part is once the person has you in a committed relationship, they start to withdraw their affection, and their true, troublesome colours begin to show, leading to a very toxic relationship.

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