Year-ender 2022: 10 dating trends that made news this year


Covid-19 pandemic may have changed the way we look at dating and relationships. Two years of being locked up in homes or interacting with fewer people than before has made people more adventurous when it comes to exploring newer relationships. While some are going for shorter relationships, some are hopping from one relationship to the other, others are showing interest in open relationships. People also got back to physical workplaces in 2022 and office romances were back in picture. Ghosting, haunting, love-bombing, all these familiar dating terms too made a comeback this year. Here’s a roundup of the hottest dating trends that made headlines in 2022. (Also read: Relationships work better when partners have similar aims, desires: Study)

“2022 has seen many waves when it comes to dating and relationships. If we look back at how the year went and what significant trends it leaves us with, one may notice the massive rise in the trend of ‘non-committal’ relationships. It’s astonishing to see how people are moving towards shorter relationships. We’ve seen more and more people move away from the concept of monogamy and that has been a very important trend,” says Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager India, Gleeden.

Here are 10 most popular dating trends that were witnessed in 2022:

1. Situationships

“One of the most famous words in the dating world – ‘situationship’ became extremely popular as more and more people started committing to this non-committal relationship dynamic in order to explore their options. Meeting new people has become extremely easy and situationships have become a go-to option for active daters to hop on and off potential matches making it the top most popular dating trend in 2022,” says Sybil.

2. Conscious dating

“Thanks to dating apps, people can now find their soulmates from the comfort of their homes. The trend of conscious dating to be a big hit among daters this year. According to the app, at least 41% of its users are on the platform to find a genuine and exclusive relationship, and every time they match, they do so to pursue potential partners,” says Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of QuackQuack.

3. Ghosting

“Ghosting is by far the most common dating trend where probably every person has either been ghosted or has ghosted their match. Although it is always advisable, to be honest, and transparent about what you are seeking and if you are no longer interested. Ghosting has become a new reality for dating apps and was a huge noise-maker in 2022,” says Sybil.

4. Dry dating

This generation of daters is getting increasingly more mindful about how they carry themselves. Among one of the hottest trends of the year, dry dating has been getting hotter by the day. It is when a dater chooses to avoid alcohol while using an online dating app or prefers not to drink on a date. It helps keep their senses to themselves while choosing a potential partner. The trend emphasizes quality conversations on a date and puts a much-needed stop to drunken disasters, says Mittal.

5. Roaching

Roaching refers to the fact that one partner may potentially be hiding that they are romantically involved with a lot more people. Many dating app users have criticised this and want to encourage honesty and transparency when they are talking to a potential match. Irrespective, roaching does make it to the top trends for 2022, says Sybil.

6. Bread-crumbing

Among the trends that we hope end with the end of the year, bread-crumbing can rightfully be on top. What is it, you ask? Have you ever been led on by someone? For instance, they dropped crumbs, like when they told you that they like you but just not enough to be in a relationship with you. They dropped more crumbs by giving you hope that this feeling might change and that you still have a chance if you hold on for some more time. If this has happened to you, you have been bread-crumbed, says Mittal.

7. Open Relationships

Monogamy is getting dated and more couples are now moving towards open relationship formats. They believe that being involved with more people helps them add spice into their existing relationship and makes them feel happier and more sexually satisfied, according to Sybil.

8. Haunting

As if ghosting was not enough, this year, we saw haunting. To an extent, it makes sense because some relationships can be scarier than a horror movie. Haunting is when you decide to keep track of your ex at all times. You stalk their social media, watch their stories, check their comments, and want an update on whatever is new in their life; you haunt them, quite literally. Exorcism might not work, but you can always block them, says Mittal.

9. Office Romance

“2022 has seen a particular rise in office romance and has also highlighted a rise in infidelity amongst married couples. Moreover, extra marital dating app, Gleeden has seen a rise in the number of singles signing up on the app because of the high privacy it offers. People who were once married or in a long-term relationship that have now changed their marital status to ‘divorced’, ‘separated’ or ‘single’ and wish to go back to dating without everybody in their circles knowing it,” says Sybil.

10. Love-Bombing

“So you met the perfect match, and they’re saying all the right things, and it’s making your heart melt. Adorable. But before you know it, they start dropping the ‘I Love You’ bomb on you. Love bombing is an absolute red flag where your seemingly perfect match tries to emotionally manipulate you into committing to them way sooner than you are ready for it,” says Mittal.

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