Woman’s Dating Deal-Breaker About Her Dog Is So Spot-On


You can learn a lot about someone by how they treat your pet.

TikTok account holder @Jacsherenow recently uploaded a video where she dropped some wisdom about how she feels about potential dating partners who ignore her dog and it makes a whole lot of sense. 

Watch the following video featuring her beautiful Golden Retriever Lenny and see if you agree. 

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That’s such a good point! Most pet owners consider their pets a hugely important part of their lives and when you are getting to know a potential partner you want them to at least show some interest in something that’s so important to you. Sure, we have all heard stories about people who say they hate cats or dogs who eventually grow to love their partner’s pet but someone who flat out ignores your animal? You may not be suited to each other. @Jillrenee agrees, posting, “1000%. If you don’t have a meltdown about how handsome and smart and perfect my dog is… yer done.” @AubreyDelk adds, “How I knew my boyfriend was the one: he planned a picnic and asked me to bring my dog so he could meet her.” 

On the other side of this debate, @Sydneydauzy posts, “Lol! My biggest ick is people that think everyone needs to love their dog as much as they love their dog… it’s not my dog I’m not excited to see it sorry!” 

Interesting! So how do you feel about it? Deal breaker or no? 

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