Will Dan Find Love With Wendie Malick? (VIDEO)


Will Dan (John Larroquette) find love over the newspaper? It seems to be possible in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the January 31 episode of Night Court.

As Larroquette shared prior to the premiere, “Dan had a great love that he lost. He’s also 75 — give the man a break!” However, there does seem to be something between him and Julianne (Wendie Malick) after she approaches him asking for help in this clip.

“Oh, please, yes, can I help you? What, would you like to bang my gavel? Some other tortured double entendre? Let me tell you something: I dress like this to please myself, not to be ogled and debased by deviants like you,” he informs her. However, she tells him, she just wanted directions to the records room.

After Dan tells her, he keeps her from leaving with an apology, offering, “I’ve had a long day.” But Julianne doesn’t quite let him get away with that. “I can’t begin to appreciate the indignities you must suffer as an upper middle class white man,” she remarks, which he knows he deserved. And then as he’s offering to make it up to her, he notices she’s holding a newspaper. She even has it delivered! He thought he was one of the last people to read them. It turns out they have more than that in common.

Watch the clip above for more from Dan and Julianne, including why she approached him, and how everyone else reacts to their exchange.

In “Dan v. Dating,” with Abby’s (Melissa Rauch) encouragement, Dan attempts to venture back into the dating world, but reigniting his love life proves more complicated than he anticipated. Meanwhile, Gurgs (Lacretta) and Olivia (India de Beaufort) search for a new office and find something they weren’t expecting.

Night Court, Tuesdays, 8/7c, NBC

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