Why Sister Wives Fans Believe Meri Brown Is Dating Already


Sister Wives followers believe that Meri Brown has moved on from Kody Brown, after she hinted that she was already out in the dating world.

Meri Brown was hoping to keep working on her marriage to Kody Brown, but after their split, Sister Wives fans have noticed that she may have already started to date. The mother of one has never had a good track record with love, as she was often pushed away. Now that she is free from the patriarch, fans hope she finds someone new.

After 30 years of marriage, Kody and Meri shared a joint statement, which noted that their spiritual union had been dissolved. Sister Wives followers have always believed that Kody’s first wife should leave him, especially after he made it clear that he was no longer in love with her. During the most recent season, the father of 18 shared that he wouldn’t be upset if Meri found another man to marry. While Meri may have been holding out hope for reconciliation, it was obvious that Kody had already closed that chapter of his life.


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Is Meri Brown Dating?

Nosy Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss the fact that Meri had a recent gentleman caller. The TLC star took to her Instagram Live, revealing she had a “friend” stay the night. Then, Redditor U/Ladygoingup6 wrote that Meri got, “laid. wink wink.” Meri began to talk, hinting that she woke up and threw on some clothes, so she could eat breakfast quickly, before her visitor left. Thread participants noted that Meri already looked a, “decade younger” after being away from Kody, and possibly with a new beau.

Sister Wives Fans Support Meri

For multiple seasons, Sister Wives viewers have watched Kody’s four wives (Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown, and Meri), needing to stroke the patriarch’s ego, with followers noting that it must have been exhausting for the women. Kody clearly needed obedience and loyalty, or his relationships couldn’t work. However, now that most of the wives are free from his control, they are starting to live. Many people who support Meri can’t help but try to put themselves in her shoes. They realize that it would have been hard for her, knowing that Kody was having intercourse with other wives. They would often become pregnant, while she struggled with fertility issues. Viewers couldn’t help but think they would have been, “nastier” than Meri ever was to him.

Recently, Meri and Kody broke the news officially to Sister Wives fans, sharing that their marriage was over. While followers knew they were separated after watching the tell-all, the former couple still decided to release a joint statement. Along with Christine Brown and Meri leaving Kody, it was revealed that Janelle was also separated from the polygamist. With one wife left, Kody will have to watch from the sidelines while his former three wives get back into the dating game.

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