Why Love Is Blind Season 3 Was Such A Letdown


Several fans of the hit Netflix reality dating series Love is Blind thought that season 3 was a letdown, and it’s time to explain why. From unlikeable cast members to unhealthy relationships, fans didn’t really expect the “pod squad” to have happy endings. Each season promises happiness, humor, and romance; however, the show also comes with heartbreak, arguments, and drama. Since season 1 premiered in 2020, viewers haven’t been able to get enough of the romantic series, which is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Fans like the idea that a person can fall in love with someone else solely based on their personality (and how good the connection is), without actually seeing them. They’re also fascinated by the challenging concept that there is a timeline for true love.


Although many fans don’t see Love is Blind as realistic, viewers still consider it a guilty pleasure. There are plenty of skeptics who wonder whether love truly is blind, but that doesn’t stop them from coming back for more. Watching couples stumble over their words, or let their quirky sides out for potential partners to witness, often makes for enjoyable viewing. Over four weeks, fans watch relationships unfold, as couples live together, meet each other’s families, and ponder possible futures together. Viewers like the feeling of anticipation that builds before cast members see their partners for the first times. Unfortunately, many people were disappointed by Love is Blind season 3, because it didn’t turn out as they hoped it would. Love is Blind season 3 did not resonate with many fans. Elle highlights the biggest moments of the season, where some of the relationships appeared to be shallow and problematic.

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Is The Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast Shallow?

After Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffery’s romance began outside the pods, Cole’s behavior towards her changed. He started sharing unnecessary comments about Zanab’s appearance with her. Not only that, but he expressed interest in Colleen Reed, a pod member that he once referred to as, “shallow” on the show, after the big reveal. He also discussed his attraction to Colleen after seeing her in person, and rated her as more alluring than Zanab. The way that Cole treated Zanab made viewers consider him superficial.

Love is Blind star Cole Barnett wasn’t the only pod member who was shallow during season 3. Bartise Bowden spent a large portion of the season being classified as the show’s villain. He mentioned that he wasn’t attracted to Nancy Rodriguez physically, said that he was used to being noticed by women, and made her first interaction with his family very uncomfortable. The Redditor @cloud_89 shared their thoughts on the reality star in a post. They suggested that Bartise was looking for a way out of his relationship with Nancy, after seeing fellow pod member Raven Ross for the first time. He seemed more strongly attracted to her than he was to Nancy.

Love is Blind season 4’s on the way, and fans already have some ideas, in terms of what they’d like to see in the next installment. One thing that they hope for is cast members who might not be traditionally attractive. However, according to another Reddit post by u/brewfox, fans also want to see a higher caliber of men in the next season. Viewers want to watch males who are ready to get married, and give women the benefit of the doubt. What fans want are reasons to root for the couples on the show, instead of seeing emotional abuse. Even though a few couples on the series walked away happily married, plenty of viewers think that the show needs to change, so more Love Is Blind cast members have a shot at the same great results.

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