Why Huma Abedin Is “Saying Yes to Dating” Amid Bradley Cooper Romance


Huma Abedin is ready to talk about her love life. 

The longtime aide to Hillary Clinton—who was linked to Bradley Cooper over the summer—recalled her experience with relationships while coming up in politics, saying that while at the time she put romance on hold, her outlook in recent years has changed. 

“I put dating in the category of one of the things I did not allow myself to be open to for many years,” she said in an Oct. 3 interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, “particularly when I was living in New York in the early 2000s.”

Huma noted that during this period she often felt out of place. 

“When Hillary was in the Senate and it was a very glamorous time in New York, I was invited to so many dinner parties and there’d be all these women I found to be much smarter, much more beautiful, much more everything,” she explained. “Here I was, this serious little political aide in a suit.”


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