Who is WWE star Tegan Nox dating?


Tegan Nox is one of the brightest prospects in the WWE women’s division. Her wrestling style, personality, and in-ring ability won many hearts during her time at NXT.

She was promoted to the main roster in 2021. Unfortunately, she was released a little later. On the latest edition of SmackDown, Nox returned to help Liv Morgan handle Damage CTRL.

While the information on her wrestling is easily available online, not many people know about her love and personal life outside of the ring. Tegan Nox is currently dating a girl name, Aly Deliz. It is still unclear when the pair started dating. However, Nox took to Instagram to confess her love on Thanksgiving Day.

Deliz also took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post thanking Nox for choosing her and making everyone around her a better person.

Tegan Nox has been very open about her sexuality

The English superstar has been very open regarding her personal life and preferences. In an interview on WWE’s show The Bump, Tegan Nox confirmed that she is bisexual.

“For me, it’s always been, like, not about gender. If someone makes me laugh and they make me feel good and they’re nice people, I’m all for that. It doesn’t matter if they’re man, woman, it doesn’t matter to me.”

On the same show, Tegan Nox confirmed that Sonya Deville helped her come out into the world. However, when Deville was asked the same, the former WWE official claimed that she didn’t do much and is proud of Nox.

“I’m no expert in any of this, all I know is my own journey,” Deville said. “Tegan is this awesome woman and she came to me just to talk about experiences and kind of how my journey was and she was sharing her journey with me, and so it was kind of just a really cool conversation between two friends that eventually, you know, led to her coming out. So, I’m so proud of her and I’m so happy for her.”

Before Aly Deliz, Nox was dating Sierra St. Pierre, a pro wrestler. Before these two women, Nox was dating WWE UK Superstar Travis Banks. The couple split up in 2017.

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