Who Is Rhys Ifans Dating? The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Actor Has Dated Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, & Anna Friel


Starring in Game of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon, Rhys Ifans is no stranger to the screen. Think Notting Hill, The Boat That Rocked, and The Amazing Spider-Man, to name but a few of his credits. The Welsh actor takes on the role of the Hand of the King, Otto Hightower, who he described as “an astute, high-functioning political creature,” per Entertainment Weekly. And as much as he’s known for his acting, Ifans also briefly led vocals in the rock band Super Furry Animals and the psychedelic rock band, the Peth. But beyond his acting and music, what other loves does Rhys Ifans have? And who is he dating now?

The 55-year-old actor hasn’t been publicly spotted with a new beau as of late, though I have reached out to his representatives for comment and will update the article accordingly. Ifans has certainly had some famous partners in the past, though. The House Of The Dragon star has been linked to models Kate Moss and Iris Palmer, as well as socialite Kimberly Stewart, per Marie Claire. But perhaps one of his most talked about romantic partnerships was his engagement to fellow actor Sienna Miller.

When their break-up became public in 2007, various sources at the time claimed that Miller had broken things off with Ifans after she found him to be “too jealous” of her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Rhys, according to The Mirror. Speaking in 2012 about being in a relationship that is very much in the public eye, Ifans said he wasn’t a fan of the camera attention, joking that he had “a harpoon on board the boat ready for when the paps tried to spy on us. I would have loved to drown a few of them.” He added they “don’t bother” him anymore though. “It’s all about who you’re shagging and I don’t do that anymore… I learnt my lesson there, didn’t I? I won’t make that mistake again.”

After his relationship with Miller ended, Ifans and Anna Friel dated for three years, between 2011 and 2014. And it appears the two may have remained good friends since. Friel told Red Magazine in November 2018, “things didn’t break down because there was no love there. In reality, it was just because we’d become friends, or we were spending too much time apart, and that’s actors for you — that’s our industry.”

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