Who is Miriam Margolyes? Harry Potter actress gives risqué dating advice on This Morning


Actress Miriam Margolyes appeared on This Morning with presenters Phillip Scoffield and Holly Willoughby, where she dished out her unconventional dating advice.

Answering calls from single viewers asking how to find love during the festive season, Margolyes was asked by one caller named Leanne who said she was “plus-sized” and asked for tips to help boost her confidence.

“What you should do – lose a bit of weight, darling,” Margoyles advised.

“If you think you’re too fat to have sex, lose a bit of weight. Don’t eat too much for Christmas, because we all do”.

The British-Australian star further advised the caller to find a hobby that could ‘’bring you in contact with other people”.

This advice was followed up by a recommendation of joining a volunteer centre “for disadvantaged folk, poor people and cripples”, adding “you might meet another cripple, it doesn’t matter”.

Who is Miriam Margolyes

Margolyes is an actress, writer, television personality and political activist.

She was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2002 for her services to drama.

Margoyles started her career as a theatre actress before making a name for herself on screen in films such as Yentl, the Age of Innocence, Little Shop of Horrors, Romeo + Juliet and Harry Potter.

She is also famed for her television work including her appearances in Blackadder, Cold Comfort Farm, Vanity Fair, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and Call the Midwife.

Margolyes previous controversial comments

Margolyes is no stranger to a bit of controversy when it come to eye-raising statements.

Appearing on This Morning back in July, Margoyles branded Leonardo DiCaprio as being “smelly”.

This was in reference to her time working with DiCaprio on Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet adaption.

“He was a bit smelly because it was very hot in Mexico and young boys don’t make themselves fragrant, they don’t wash all the bits,” she said.

Perhaps in reference to this previous comment, she also advised Leanne to “wash very carefully, all the crevices, all the bits you find difficult to reach”.

Alongside less-than-favourable descriptions of celebrities, Margolyes also recently swore live on Radio 4 when discussing former health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

To many, Margolyes is a breath of fresh air but some are less enthused by her antics.

One Twitter comment said: “Sorry how does Miriam Margolyes get to say cr!pple 3 times on itv just to laughter and joking ‘’apology’’ about not being in Dickensian sounding time. Shameful, itv ran a campaign about hidden impairments and disabled people – utterly disgusting of this morning, Holly and Phil.”

With another adding: “Am I the only one who doesn’t get the hilarity of Miriam Margolyes, especially her segments on This Morning… I just don’t find her funny or overly amusing… I just don’t know why ITV/This Morning love plugging her… I don’t buy it”.

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