“Who is Malika Andrews dating?”: ESPN reporter’s love life comes to the fore after Ime Udoka statement


Malika Andrews’ dating life has been quite the secret, despite the NBA community’s countless detectives

Malika Andrews has seemingly taken the NBA world by the scruff of its neck, the first big chance she was given.

Whenever her name is brought up, many like to argue that Rachel Nichols was the far more charismatic show host out of the two. And yes, we must admit that there may be some truth to that, as we address here, but still, don’t let that take away from the fact that she’s doing a stellar job too.

Now, of course, it isn’t exactly the most shocking fact in the world that Andrews is a very, very attractive individual as well. And given that her knowledge on basketball is far better than 99% of the population on the planet, men and women alike have been swooning over her.

Heck, this has even continued to be the case, despite so many disagreeing with her comments directed at Stephen A Smith, on the Ime Udoka fiasco.

Now, all this spotlight on her has brought her love life to the forefront as well.

So, just who in the world is she dating?

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NBA reporter’s match made in heaven: Malika Andrew’s dream man, is Dave McMenamin

Usually, when personalities within NBA journalism choose to date someone, it’s usually someone that is not from their field, for one reason, or another.

But, not only has Malika Andrews done the exact opposite of the norm here, she has maximized its potential to the fullest.

You see, Malika Andrews and famous Lakers, and ESPN reporter, Dave McMenamin have been reported by many to be dating.

Now, we must add that while these have been said to be from credible sources so far, there has been no confirmation from the parties themselves just yet. So, while this is likely to be true, nothing can be confirmed just yet.

But, is it possible that the reason the potential couple has refrained from announcing their bond to the world, is that they’re both ESPN employees?

Absolutely, it is.

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