Who is Lexie Salameh dating after breaking up with Mike Vazquez in Siesta Key? MTV star’s Instagram post with new boyfriend explored


Siesta Key follows the lives of Juliette Porter and her friends as they navigate through their personal and professional lives. One of Juliette’s closest friends, Lexie has often made an appearance on the show and season 5 is no different.

Lexie Salameh was recently in the spotlight for dating someone new after her breakup with Mike Vazquez, part of which was showcased on the episode that aired on December 22, 2022. The reality star took to Instagram to post a picture with her new beau Cory Ammaturo.

The next episode of Siesta Key season 5 will air on December 29, at 8 pm ET on MTV.

Siesta Key’s star Lexie Salameh has a new boyfriend

On December 26, 2022, the Siesta Key star took to social media to post a picture of her new partner. While Lexie only had a red and a green heart as the picture’s caption, her friends and co-stars Juliette Porter and Madisson Haus commented on the post in support of her decision.

Porter commented “cuties” on the post, even as fans flooded the post with comments of love and support for the reality star. Fans were happy to see her move on from her ex-boyfriend Mike from Siesta Key.

One fan commented, stating that the reality star had upgraded in “many ways” and that they were happy for them. Another fan said that they hoped that Cory would bring Lexie all the joy and love that she deserved.

While in conversation with E! News, Lexie opened up about her relationship and said that they had met each other through mutual friends and already knew each other before they began dating.

She added:

“It’s really refreshing to be in a relationship where we both have the same views and are on the same page in life.”

Lexie and Mike’s breakup

Lexie broke up with Mike on the episode that aired on December 22. She said that Cory has been incredibly supportive through her having to relive “that period” of her life when things were tough for her.

Meanwhile, fans had been speculating about their breakup since July 2022.

It began soon after Lexie’s birthday and fans first noticed that the couple were not together on the Fourth of July. They followed this by unfollowing each other on Instagram soon after.

In a recent episode of Siesta Key season 5, Lexie and Mike broke up. Lexie felt that he didn’t treat her well enough or that he even thought of her as his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Mike was certain that Lexie is cheating on him and took it upon himself to find out.

He went to Juliette, one of Lexie’s closest friends, and told her that he’s heard rumors about her kissing someone at the Delray Club. Juliette tried to defend her roommate and friend but Mike would not listen.

Sam, Mike’s best friend, asked Lexie about the infidelity rumors and she held her ground and stated that she did not cheat on him. When Lexie and Mike sat down face-to-face to talk about their issues, they realized that even though neither of them had cheated on the other, they were miserable all the time.

After much thought, Lexie broke up with Mike because he did not respect her and was upset when she found out that he unfollowed her on social media.

Tune in on Thursday, December 29, at 8 pm ET to see what happens next on Siesta Key on MTV.

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