Who Francesca Farago Is Dating In 2023


Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago was once engaged to Harry Jowsey. This year, she’s in love with someone else, and living the dream.

On Too Hot To Handle, Francesca Farago rose to fame due to her romance with Harry Jowsey, but she moved on from the Australian man long ago. The Canadian swimwear entrepreneur is commonly considered the most popular THTH star of all time, after making her Netflix debut in season 1. Now, she is in love, and possibly moving towards marriage in 2023.

Francesca commanded the full attention of the villa on Too Hot To Handle season 1, and many viewers consider her the most iconic contestant of all time. She is approaching 6 million followers on Instagram, and receives plenty of attention for her racy content, makeup, outfits, lifestyle, and swimwear company. However, viewers are also very interested in her love life after her failed engagement to Harry. The stunning influencer Francesca has been dating American Jesse Sulli since the summer, and maybe before then, which means that they have been an item for at least six months. The two appear to be very serious. Francesca’s partner Jesse is also making a splash online.


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Francesca Farago Is In A Committed Relationship in 2023

Francesca has amassed 5.7 million Instagram followers since Too Hot To Handle, but she might soon be officially off the market. The model and businesswoman Francesca shared an image with Jesse to start off the new year, which featured Jesse commenting, “2023,” with a wedding ring emoji next to it.

Jesse is a 33-year-old content creator and trans dad who often posts content with his daughter, Arlo. 30-year-old Francesca appears smitten with the devoted father and outspoken activist, while Jesse fully returns her affections. Jesse appears to reside in LA, although he enjoys traveling with Francesca. He uses his platform to discuss important issues, such as trans rights. Jesse also celebrates his bond with his child.

Jesse & Francesca Farago Are Deeply In Love

Jesse shared a post with Too Hot To Handle star Francesca in October, to make it clear that he feels lucky to have her. The trans man was supported by his girlfriend when he had top surgery last year, a process that he documented to his followers. “Lately alI can think is how lucky I am. I love my family, and I’m so grateful for this girl making me smile up there,” Jesse wrote about Francesca. Jesse also said that he is happy to be transgender. “Being trans is magic. I couldn’t be happier,” he wrote in one post. “World record for best scars,” Francesca wrote on the post, after Jesse revealed the results of his surgery. Jesse appears to connect with many people online, and according to him, Francesca has been nothing but a loving and supportive partner.

While Francesca has dated around in the past since blowing up on Too Hot To Handle, her relationship with Jesse appears to be the real thing. Jesse has a child whom he clearly adores, while Francesca has supported Jesse through a major surgery. The couple seems to be in love and committed, and they’ve made it clear that they are thinking about a future together. Many Too Hot To Handle fans are happy to see how much Francesca has matured since she was stirring up trouble on the hit Netflix show. The brunette beauty has evolved since her Netflix days, and may be ready to settle down and commit to one person.

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Sources: Francesca Farago/Instagram, Jesse Sulli/Instagram

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