When Does Casa Amor Start On Love Island?


1 February 2023, 14:51

When will Casa Amor start this year?


When is Casa Amor set to start on Winter Love Island 2023? Here’s everything we know so far.

Love Island is back and it’s in full swing, which means Casa Amor can’t be too far behind…

Every year the annual feature of the ITV2 dating show has us all on the edge of our seats as we anticipated all the drama that the ‘House of Love’ will undoubtedly bring.

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Of course, with the ninth season of the show being a ‘Winter Edition’, the timings are a little different. So, when will Casa Amor be in 2023?

The boys and girls will be separated in the ultimate loyalty challenge
The boys and girls will be separated in the ultimate loyalty challenge.


When will Casa Amor start in 2023?

Typically, Casa Amor’s stint on Love Island will start between episodes 25 and 30, which is around four or five weeks into the season.

The last Winter Love Island series, which aired in 2020, brought back the Casa Amor twist from episode 22 which was Feb 3, leading us to believe that this year won’t be too different.

Producers are remaining tight-lipped for now about the start date, but rumours swirl that it could be happening around the third week of the show.

If the 2023 series follows the same format as the previous winter edition, then it’s like Casa Amor will start on February 6, but ITV are yet to announce the date.

Will the boys' heads be turned by Casa Amor?
Will the boys’ heads be turned by Casa Amor?


Where will Casa Amor be?

Little is known about the new South African rival villa, but reports whir that it could be very close…

An insider has revealed to this tabloid that Casa Amor could be so close to the original villa that the boys and girls will be able to hear everything that’s going on!

“Casa Amor’s inhabitants have always been able to relax in the knowledge that the people they’re coupled up with are miles away,” the source said.

Well not any more,” they continued, “if there’s any wild partying going on, the main villa may well be able to hear it. This year, it really could be a case of having trouble with the neighbours as the bombshells try to crack couples apart.”

How long is Casa Amor?

Casa Amor first made an appearance in season three and has always lasted for around 3 to 4 days – which is an appropriate amount of time to put the Islander’s connections to the test.

At the end of the challenge, the contestants are told to either recouple with an Amor bombshell or stick with their partners from the original villa, juicy!

Will there be tears this year? Only time will tell…

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