When did Emma and Madcap Moss start dating in real life?


Emma and Madcap Moss have been creating quite a stir on WWE television for the past few weeks since the former’s return to the company. Since then, she has been in a blossoming love story with SmackDown Superstar Madcap Moss.

It all started with a backstage segment almost a month ago. Emma asked Shotzi if she had seen Madcap around, claiming she found him cute. Since then, we have seen both of them in backstage segments, with the Australian superstar encouraging Moss before his matches.

On the latest edition of SmackDown, Moss was seen encouraging the Australian superstar before her match against Shayna Baszler. Moss even received a peck on the cheek from the Australian superstar. These segments have sparked rumors about their if they are dating in real life.

EMMA y MADCAP MOSS siguen con su isteriqueo cuando todos sabemos que son pareja en la vida real.#SMACKDOWN https://t.co/DjP2Dlyvop

The answer is yes, Tenille Dashwood and Michael Rallis (aka Madcap Moss) are dating in real life. The couple revealed their relationship on August 4th, 2022, via Instagram.

Madcap Moss claims Emma is one of the originals of the WWE Women’s Evolution

The women’s evolution was a landscape-changing moment in WWE history. The movement gave women recognition, slots on the match card, and the type of matches they deserved to be a part of.

While Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Paige are counted as the prime members of the evolution, Madcap has one more name to add.

In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Moss claimed Emma was one of the superstars that put the women’s division on the map.

“I may be accused of being a bit biased, as we are dating but I would love to see Tenille Dashwood back in WWE — Emma, formerly known as Emma and I would love to see — I think she’s got a lot to offer and I think she was one of the originals that helped put the women’s division on the map… I think she’s great in the ring too and I would love to see her come back.” [H/T POST Wrestling]

Both superstars are currently a part of the WWE SmackDown roster. Their on-screen love story angle has increased a lot of interest from fans.

On-screen love stories in WWE have always generated interest, and we are sure this time won’t be any different. This is on the way of being one of the most loved storylines.

Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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