What You Need To Know About Dating An Aquarius


Many people believe because Aquarius is depicted as a water-bearer that they are a water sign. However, according to astrologers at Café Astrology, the water-bearer represents Aquarius individuals giving spiritual life to the material world by washing away outdated beliefs and systems of the past. They are constantly thinking of innovative and unique ways to propel themselves and others. In love, they’re attracted to those who think differently and can keep up with their eccentric ways. As an air sign, however, Aquarius individuals can come off as incredibly detached and even cold. Their need for constant inventiveness creates an unemotional disengagement for the sake of progress. 

People with heavy Aquarius energy don’t like to get deep into their emotions and definitely do not enjoy heated or impassioned arguments. It’s important, therefore, not to take their emotional unavailability as personal or cold-hearted. They’re not opposed to controversy by any means, though. According to The AstroTwins, Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac and loves a good shock factor. They prefer a love that is unconventional, where their independence is still prioritized. When dating an Aquarius, it’s important to see them as progressive rule-breakers and intellectuals. For this reason, they pair well with other freedom lovers like Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, and Libra.

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