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So here’s the deal: You matched with this girl who looks like she was sent from heaven.

Cute face, sexy but not too revealing, just what it takes to tickle your fancy.

But here’s the thing: you don’t know what’s a good first text on Tinder.

And you don’t want to mess that up because you know if you screw it she has many other guys to talk to.

So in this article, I want to make sure you understand what makes a good first text on Tinder.

What gets girls to reply to you excitedly.

What starts a great conversation. 

And what gives you the most chances to get a date right off the bat.

Today you will see:

  • What’s the very best way to get a girl excited (and that’s not what you thought)

  • How to come up with a top first text on Tinder

  • 5 examples of a great first text on Tinder

Let’s get into it.

Be Exciting to Get Girls Interested

Right off the bat, I’m here to subvert your expectations:

What makes a great first text…

Is not only a great first text.

I really want to put the emphasis on this first and foremost:

  • If your profile sucks, she won’t care about your texts.

  • If your profile is great, she will forgive lame texts more easily.

Does that mean everything is lost if you’re not a blue-eye, tall, blonde, white, ripped dude with professional photos?

Definitely not.

But if you think that witty and funny texts alone will make it or break it, you are looking at this wrong.

You want to overall convey the impression of an exciting guy.

Someone that she feels lucky to talk to.

Not someone with an average profile.

Not someone who’d send her the same lame and boring “hey trouble” as every other guy.

And that goes through both your profile AND your messages.

Get a Good Quality Profile First

Studies showed that most women aren’t using online dating to actually find a date.

That means a large bunch of the girls you will talk to on Tinder are just there to avoid being bored to death.

Now there’s one big problem:

If your profile is not good enough, you will only match with those bored girls.

And you will not get access to those girls who actually want to find a date.

Or at least that won’t be the majority of your matches.

And that’s a real problem because it’s impossible to understand what works as a first text on Tinder, or even how to have a proper conversation if:

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