What time will Ready to Love Season 6 Episode 10 air? Dating game, release date and more explored


After an exciting episode, Ready to Love is back this week. Episode 10 of the popular dating series’ Season 6 will air on OWN on Friday, September 30, 2022 at 8 pm ET. Fans can also watch the show on Fubo TV and DIRECTV.

This week on Ready to Love, fans will finally learn who will be eliminated from the show- Sampson or Swasey. Apart from that, the cast members will also play a dating game where the female contestants will have to answer questions about their suitors on the show.

The synopsis of the episode is,

“After a painful elimination, Tommy lightens the mood with a dating game. Randall and Tranika share an experience that has him question everything. Kayla feels ignored by her strongest connections. After Shareese and Sampson get close, he pulls back.”

What to expect from Ready to Love Season 6 Episode 10?

This week on Ready to Love, Sampson and Shareese will discuss the future of their relationship on the show. In a preview, Shareese says that she wants to be a positive piece of Sampson’s life but wanted to know more about his personal life.

Sampson, however, will not take it well and will call out his partner for having doubts about their relationship. Sharasee will have doubts as to why Sampson was so guarded. After last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, fans will finally learn who will be eliminated from the show, Sampson or Swasey.

Female contestants will also play a dating game called ‘Sister and Her Mister’ where they will answer questions about their partners. Kayla will be ignored by Mike as he waits for another woman to hug him.

A recap of Ready to Love Season 6 Episode 9

Last week on Ready to Love, Brandi and Kayla confronted Mike about his intentions on the show. He said that he was interested in Kayla but Kadian asked him what particular thing he liked about Kayla. He could not reply and Kayla said that he was just feeling the pressure of answering in public. She believed that he would have answered her questions privately.

Randall spent some quality time with Tranika, while Sampson and Shareese discussed how deep their bond was.

The episode description reads,

“At a weekend getaway, Randall feels pressure from Jamala to cut off other connections; Mike lets Brandi and Kayla know where he’s leaning; Tommy throws the group a curveball, and when LJ is MIA it leaves Tranika alone to fight for time with Randall.”

Jamala and Randall developed a strong bond over the weekend getaway, but Randall decided to explore his relationship with others. Jamala confronted him about the same and tried to convince him that their connection was stronger than others.

Randall was shocked to hear this and accused Jamala of not trusting him. He said that Jamala did not trust his intelligence and that she could not control everything in his life.

At the end of the episode, two men were up for elimination, Sampson and Swasey. The girls said that both the men were in the friend zone and needed to up their romantic game.

Ready to Love airs on OWN every Friday at 8 pm ET. The show features several men and women in their 40s who want to find true and authentic love. The dating series is produced by Will Packer Media and Lighthearted Entertainment.

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