What is Written In the Stars all about? Concept and more details explored about the new dating series


The brand-new reality dating show Written in the Stars is set to premiere soon, and this time, it’s all about astrology. The show will bring three astrologers to help 12 participating singles find love based on their stars and natal charts.

Revealing the concept of this season’s Written in the Stars, the synopsis of the Discovery show reads:

“Written in the Stars is a sizzling new reality/dating series which puts contestants’ love lives in the hands of the world’s top astrologers.”

It further continues:

“In this audacious social experiment, 12 single strangers, all desperate to find love and each representing one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, arrive at a mysterious villa in Greece to find they have been matched with someone in the group.”

The show will premiere on November 27 on Discovery+.

Written in the Stars will put the contestants’ romantic fate in the hands of three astrologers

The concept of the show

Written in the Stars‘ upcoming social experiment will help individuals find love in a different way. The show will bring three expert astrologers on board who will find matches for the contestants based on their astrology. The singles all have matches in the house, but it’s up to them to find them.

Each sign is represented by an individual in the house. While each of the contestants has a compatible match in the house, it is up to them to find their romantic partner. The participants have earlier tried to find love in other ways and failed, which is why they are here to use the ancient method to make their dreams come true.

Interestingly, one of the show’s astrologers said that if two people are matched through astrology, there will always be sparks between them. However, Written in the Stars is not just about a simple matchup with the astrologers playing the cupid. The contestants will have to compete in a series of challenges to test each other’s compatibility. This would ensure that the participants will ultimately be led to their soulmates.

At the beginning of the trailer, host Amfo says that finding a soulmate is harder than ever these days. She poses a question about whether it is possible that people have been looking in the wrong places. One female contestant adds:

“I’ve been in love twice. Obviously hasn’t worked out.”

While a male contestant remarks that his love life has been “tragic,” another states that he’s been in a lot of failed relationships. Some of the other contestants mention that they’ve tried all kinds of dating apps that hasn’t proved successful in finding love. A few singles also say that they want to start fresh and take a different route, which is where astrology comes in.

On talking about the charm of astrology, astrologer Colin Bedell says:

“People are really longing for meaning. The beauty of astrology is it points people back to what they know to be true about themselves. “

The host

Award-winning broadcaster, DJ, podcaster, and TV presenter Clara Amfo is set to play cupid to the 12 single participants on Written in the Stars. The DJ feels that the show is the perfect antidote to modern dating that most people indulge in these days. She believes in astrology and thinks that it is ingrained in a lot of cultures.

Amfo says:

“I think the biggest issue with modern dating is that we’ve become a product. We can shop online and everything is just a swipe or a click away.”

She adds that she’s not against dating apps and that many of her friends have used them to find love. However, when people use dating apps, they lack the patience that is needed to form intimate connections.

Joining the host in Written in the Stars will be three astrologers, Francesca Oddie, Michele Knight, and Colin Bedell. All three specialize in birth charts and astrology and will play a vital part in the show.

Stay tuned to find out more about Written in the Stars ahead of its premiere.

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