What has Michaela Coel said about her love life? All the details


Michaela Coel is poised to grace the big screen next month as Black Panther returns for a second installment.

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The actress, 35, will play the queer character of Aneka in the film, which is due to be released on 10 November.

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The Black Panther 2 star – who rose to fame creating and appearing in the TV series Chewing Gum and I May Destroy You – is famously private about whether she is dating. However, she recently indicated in an interview with Vogue that she is currently single.

Speaking to the publication for their November issue, Michaela said: “I do want a life companion. I love romance and I love when romance turns into something deeper, a relationship where there’s understanding, transparency, forgiveness, openness. 

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But you have to find that person, and I personally haven’t seen many healthy men. So I don’t know if I trust myself. I’m trying to do the work. I talk about this in therapy all the time, and actually, person by person, they’re getting healthier and healthier.” 

The star added to the magazine that she plans to build a house in her father’s rural Ghanaian village, and joked that having a partner would come in useful for killing all the creepy crawlies.

The actress famously starred in I May Destroy You

It has been several years since Michaela last opened up about her relationship status. In 2018, she mentioned having a boyfriend during an interview with The Guardian. However, she then declined to elaborate further on their relationship for reasons of privacy.

Of her reasoning, the Emmy winner explained: “I used to be really loose with the amount of information I put out on social media because in the beginning I was not a known poet. I have to sell this place out, or I’m not gonna break even – so I soon discovered that my personality is a way to draw people in. As my career has stabilized, I feel like I need to retreat more.”

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