What day and time will ‘The Real Love Boat’ release? And everything else you need to know


Get ready to explore love during a boat ride! 36-years after ‘The Love Boat‘ finale, CBS has once again brought the sailing ship with single individuals onboard. These single men and women are eager to find love. The new dating show combines adventure, luxury, and drama. 


Hosted by Jerry O’Connell And Rebecca Romijn, ‘The Real Love Boat’ is set to bring twelve individuals to the screens. These individuals will be attended by a captain, a bartender, and a cruise director on the ship. Based on the ’70s hit series, CBS‘ new reality show will take place on the Princess cruise ship. The luxury boat will sail through the Mediterranean Sea, and will further make ports of call in Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Marseille, Santorini, and more cities. While on board, the contestants will be required to make connections with their opposite fellows. And once they couple up, their chemistry and compatibility will be put to test. Similar to any other reality show, the ones who survive till the end will take away the title. While you are waiting for the show’s release, you can explore other similar dating shows such as ‘Love is Blind‘ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise‘.



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When does ‘The Real Love Boat’ release?

‘The Real Love Boat’ is all set to premiere on October 5, 2022, at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS.

How can I watch ‘The Real Love Boat’?

Besides watching the show on its original platform CBS, viewers can also tune in to Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. Moreover, Paramount Plus subscribers will also be able to watch the premiere of the dating show. 

Who stars in ‘The Real Love Boat’?

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn, the real-life married couple, will be the host of the show. Besides the 12 single contestants, Paolo Arrigo will be seen as the Captain, Ezra Freeman as the bartender, and Matt Mitcham as the cruise director.


Jerry O’Connell

O’Connell is a well-known television presenter, famously known for his role as Quinn Mallory in ‘Sliders’. He is also a director. He is married to Romijn since 2007 and the couple has two children. 


Rebecca Romijn

Romijn is a former model and an actress. The star is well-known for her role as an older Mystique in the ‘X-Men’ film series. She has also acted in several other movies and shows, including ‘Femme Fatale’, ‘The Punisher’, ”Endangered Species’, and ‘Rollerball’. The star also appeared on various TV shows like ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’, ‘The Librarians, ‘Ugle Betty’, and others.


Paolo Arrigo

Italian mariner Paolo Arrigo is an experienced captain. He first served in the Italian Coast Guard, and later was posted on the Princess cruise in 1996. 


Ezra Freeman

Ezra has been with Prince Cruise since 2019. The 26-year-old US native is a bartender and is passionate about her work. Moreover, she is also a lover by heart. 


Matt Mitcham


Canadian native Mitcham truly believes in love. The cruise director himself found his love of life onboard in 2016. And, now here he comes to help others to find their true love.


Alisa Shah

Alisa Shah is from San Diego, California. The 24-year-old single has come to the show to find her perfect match.


Brett De Laura

Brett De Laura is 36 years old. This contestant is from Dana Point, California.


Brooke White

Brooke White is a 34-year-old musician. This contestant is from Los Angeles, California.


Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper is a 25-year-old actor and model. The Atlanta native has been brought onboard to hit the perfect match.


Emily Stone

Emily Stone is just 24 years old. She is from Colgate, Wisconsin.


Forrest Jones

Forrest Jones is a fitness freak and a healthy lifestylist. He is from Houston, Texas, and is a 30-year-old single who is joining the cast.


Jordan Malabanan

Jordan Malabanan is 26 years old and is from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Marty Hassett

Marty Hassett is a 33-year-old single from Charlotte, North Carolina.


Michael Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez is 35 years old and he is from Los Angeles, California.

Nathan Kroger

Nathan Kroger is a 24-year-old fitness freak. He belongs to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong is a 28-year-old TikTok star. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Shea-Lynn Noyes

Shea-Lynn Noyes, 28, is a host, model, and content creator. She is from Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

What is ‘The Real Love Boat’ all about?

Much like any other dating show, ‘The Real Love Boat’ will feature how the singles come together and spark a bond with other contestants. The boat will sail and give enough time to the contestants to find true love. After finding their match, the couples will then be put through various challenges to test their bonds. Moreover, the show will also introduce guests who will guide the contestants during the course of the show. The ones who manage to survive with their match till the end will win the prize money as well as become the winner of the show.


What is the buzz around ‘The Real Love Boat’?

The first episode of the show will feature five single men and five single women. Each episode will show contestants walking out if unable to find a match. As per the official synopsis, “In the closing Sail Away Ceremony, the women each select one person who has captured their attention and will stay aboard the ship, while the others will “Shove Off” and be left at port.” Moreover, the bartender will help the contestants navigate through their relationships.


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