WATCH: Daddies hook up with himbos and the sparks fly in this wild new dating show


Image Credit: ‘For The Love Of DILFs,’ OUTtv

This is the true story of six daddies and six himbos, picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped. Find out what happens, when gays stop being polite, and start getting… DILF-y.

This is For The Love Of DILFs, a very real gay dating show headed your way later this month courtesy of Daddy TV (the team that brought you X-Rated: NYC) and OUTtv.

The show’s central conceit is simple: Two groups of gay men (the aforementioned “Daddies” and “Himbos”) come together to live in a gorgeous mansion to compete for love and the chance to win a “$10,000 investment into their relationship.”

Oh, and it just so happens to be hosted by adult film star/former mistress of a disgraced ex-president Stormy Daniels.

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When the show was announced last fall, we had a lot of questions (first one: “Wait, so this isn’t a 30 Rock joke”). But now OUTtv has shared the first official trailer for For The Love Of DILFs, and it’s clears a lot of things up—while also bringing up even more questions.

For example: What’s the distinction between a daddy and a himbo anyway? Can’t someone be both?

In the trailer’s opening seconds we’re told that all daddies have the following qualities: They’re sexy, fun, and ready to show you a good time. And himbos, on the other hand, are: Confident, mature, and ready to show you the ropes. Sure, that checks out!

Twelve shirtless men stand in front of a pool in the backyard of a large mansion.
Image Credit: ‘For The Love Of DILFs,’ OUTtv

But even in the brief trailer, the lines feel a little blurry about which gay fits into which group. And they’re all single, so is the idea that a daddy has to link up with a himbo? Or can they mingle within their own group?

It also appears that, at the end of each episode, someone gets sent packing. But how do they decide who gets eliminated? Is it someone who fails to find a match? A paired couple who’s just not hitting it off? We’re so confused!

And one more thing: What does that grand prize of a “$10,000 investment into their relationship” mean anyway?

You know what, we’re just going to stop worrying, sit back, and enjoy the DILFs. The trailer teases plenty of fun and games, a heaping dose of drama, some genuine moments that will make you say “awww,” and tons of passionate, shirtless makeout sessions. What more could you want from a reality show?

For The Love Of DILFs premieres January 31 exclusively on OUTtv, with new episodes dropping weekly. Watch the trailer below:

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