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Even after all these years as a dating coach and advice columnist, I am still amazed at how many men and women complain about the difficulties they have with dating.

If you ask me, the best dating advice I can offer is that men and women must learn how to open up and talk with each other without jumping to harsh judgments or self-sabotaging potentially healthy relationships due to their own subconscious insecurities.

But that may be easier said than done.

One challenging common denominator both men and women face is a lack of creativity in figuring out how and where to meet new people in their quest to find true love.

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According to Pew Research, only about one in 10 Americans began a committed relationship with someone they met through an online dating service — although the figure is higher for the LGBTQ community. 

A 2015 article published by Mic reported “more 18- to 34-year-olds met their current significant others through mutual friends than through any other means, including dating apps — close to 39% of respondents said they met ‘through friends in common,’ closely followed by 22% who said they met ‘out in a social setting.'”

But which social settings are best when you’re looking for a loving relationship?

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