Twitter Users are Parodying ‘Annoying’ Dating App Bios and They are on Point


Tinder, Bumble or Hinge- dating apps can be quite a hit-or-miss deal. The fact that they have automated templates meant to make romance “easier” also means that it limits the approach one can take. The bios on dating apps, while they are perhaps designed to express a unique personality as far as possible, often end up sounding like they were AI-generated. The dating app structure certainly isn’t giving people a lot to play with. Twitter users have started a trend poking fun at the ‘cringe’ dating app bios.

A Twitter user shared a generic Hinge bio reading “hi i’m jason from hinge. i love sushi and marvel movies. we’ll get along if you understand my sarcasm. i’m just looking for my future gym buddy [sic].” It brought on a host of such meme bios shared by Twitter users.

Would you take a chance on these and swipe right?

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