Tori Spelling To Host MTV Dating Competition Series Love At First Lie


Tori Spelling will host MTV’s new reality dating show, Love At First Lie, the network’s first-ever relationship mystery competition series. Tori is best known for starring as Donna Martin in all 10 seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210. She also played a heightened version of herself on the series BH90210, which she also co-produced. Tori has experience with hosting as she co-hosts the 90210MG podcast with her Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star and best friend Jennie Garth, during which they re-watch and provide commentary about every episode of the iconic show. Tori also co-hosted Messyness, the fourth Ridiculousness spin-off, alongside Jersey Shore‘s Nicole Polizzi, Adam Rippon and the late Teddy Ray.


Tori is no stranger to starring on reality television series. From 2007-2012, she co-starred with husband Dean McDermott on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. They also starred on True Tori and Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever. Additionally, Tori competed as Unicorn in The Masked Singer season 1. She also won Celebrity Show-Off in 2020, in which celebrities competed remotely to create popular original content for TBS’ YouTube channel.

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According to Variety, Tori now will take the reins as the host of MTV’s new reality dating mystery competition series Love At First Lie. The show will premiere on the network in the United States and in more than 170 countries on Wednesday, October 12 at 9:30 p.m. The 12-episode series follows eight couples from the United States and the United Kingdom as they try to figure out who is in real relationships and who is faking it. MTV, which also airs Jersey Shore, described Love At First Lie as a power game that tests “their relationships and give[s] insight into who could be telling the truth or lying through their teeth.” In the MTV trailer for Love At First Lie, Tori asks the contestants, “Have you got what it takes to spot the fakes?”

Love At First Lie features a Truth Ceremony at the end of each episode during which the couples must eliminate who they think is lying about their love. If they guess correctly and remove the liars from the game, they add $25,000 to the prize fund for each time they are right. MTV, the same network that airs The Challenge, teases, “Only one couple can win and take home the entire prize pot, but will they be lovers or will they be liars?” E! News revealed that the names of the couples are Riani and Chantz, Monica and Josh, Jake and Alfie, Cece and Reasey, Annabell and Joe, Karla and Brian, Stephanie and Arabella, and Yuriy and Alicia.

Love At First Lie combines everything people love about reality television into one show. There will be romance, strategy, mystery and eliminations. With Tori as host, Love At First Lie is sure to be entertaining. The audience can play along as the contestants try to figure out which couples are real and which are fake on Love At First Lie.

Sources: Variety, E! News, MTV/YouTube

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