Tom Brady Reportedly Taking a Break from Love, Won’t Be Dating Anyone While Ex-Wife Gisele Bundchen Gets Down and Dirty With ‘Beau’ Joaquim Valente


Tom Brady has finally decided to retire from NFL recently after his 23rd NFL season. He announced it via his social media accounts on the 1st of February. Brady had previously announced his retirement on the same date last year only to return after less than six months of gap. But it seems that this time, the decision is here to stay as far as anyone knows. Reportedly the former quarterback will be focusing on his children and business from here on. And as he is single, fans have been wondering who will be his subsequent love interest. Unfortunately for those looking forward to his love life springing back to life, Brady is reportedly not interested presently.

Tom Brady Would Not Be Dating Anytime Soon After Retirement

Tom Brady

Now that Tom Brady has officially retired from NFL, his next move is to focus on his children and business. One of the main factors that led to his divorce from his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen was the lack of family time due to NFL’s tight schedules. And following his retirement, he finally has enough time to spend with his children. Which is exactly what he seemingly wants to do. For a long while after his divorce, fans had been naturally curious about his dating life. He had been linked with one woman named Veronika Rajek, however, that is not confirmed and it is only a rumor as of now. As for Bündchen, she has been spotted being very close with her children’s Jiu-Jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente. The two were first seen on a vacation together in Costa Rica last year. But according to sources close to them, the two does not have any romantic feeling for each other.

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Moreover recently, it has come to light that his fans would not be seeing Brady in a new relationship anytime soon. According to Page Six, sources shared,

“Brady gave it his all in his last NFL season, but now he’s ready to give it all for his family and his new life,

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Furthermore, it was also added that he is not planning to date anyone at the moment. And instead, he wants to focus his attention on his children and business.

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His Retirement Announcement

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Recently, on February 1st, Tom Brady announced his retirement from NFL via a short video. He shared it on his social media accounts. The announcement was simple and comes after his play in the 23rd season of the NFL. In the video, Brady shared,

I’ll get to the point right away,” and went on to quickly and shortly announced, “Im retiring, for good”.

According to Page Six, sources have pointed out that his children were ultimately the reason for his decision to quit.

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Source: Page Six

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