Todd Howard says Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game is ‘a definite love letter’ dating from 2009


Todd Howard has given a lengthy and wide-ranging interview on the popular Lex Fridman podcast, during which the Bethesda director and executive producer waxes lyrical about the company’s history and his own personal journey in games. If you ever wondered what his favourite movie is, wonder no more: “Raiders [of the Lost Ark] is still my favourite movie of all time, no debate, best movie ever,” said Howard. “I saw it when I was younger and I believed it, I believed this happened, and when they found this Ark I couldn’t believe they’d found it.”

That’s actually quite sweet: I remember that age when your innocent eyes gazed on the small and big screen’s wonders and, at some level, believed it all to be real, that somewhere this had happened. And this lifelong attachment to Indiana Jones is why Howard says a game starring the character was always on his “bucket list” of things to do: to the extent he first pitched it 13 years ago.

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