Tinder launches a collection of healthy dating guides


Navigating modern dating in the age of social media and apps can be confusing to say the least – especially post-pandemic. While we’ve seen the back of Zoom first dates and socially distanced meet-ups, we’ve drastically changed the way we create and maintain romantic connections in the last few years alone. Dating app fatigue is real too. But positively, progressive conversations on (hello, TikTok) and offline in recent times has meant that establishing boundaries, sexual consent and intentional dating is being prioritised. Still, the risks of dating in a digitally mediated world has also left us exposed to risks from catfishing to image-based sexual abuse.

In a bid to making the dating world a more empowered and safe place, Tinder has partnered with the folks at NO MORE (a global non-profit organisation dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault), to launch a series of Healthy Dating Guides.

The guides outline topics across every stage of the dating journey – from spotting red flags to consent and intimacy – ensuring transparency and safety remains at the forefront of our dating experiences. Everything is super conversational and easy to follow.

The guide also highlights NO MORE’s research on online dating, which revealed that 3 out of 5 young adults (aged 18-25) are actively taking steps to keep themselves safe when dating. The results from NO MORE’s research also found that 72% of young adults are as concerned about their emotional safety as they are their physical safety (75%).

“Our intention is to provide useful, insightful content for anyone that’s dating. Given the focus on using dating apps nowadays, one of our aims is to provide guidance on how to message and communicate with someone you’ve matched with online.” Pamela Zaballa, CEO at NO MORE, says. “By partnering with Tinder we’re able to widen our reach and promote healthy dating.”

The Healthy Dating Guides are a progressive step forward in providing accessible dating education that promotes healthy dating behaviours. Tinder is also making sure to promote the guides in their app through swipe cards – you might have already seen it on a browse!

Tinder has made user safety a focus before. There’s multiple safety measures in place, like real time online harassment reporting tools such as ‘Are You Sure?’ and ‘Does This Bother You?’.

“While you can’t control the actions of others, there are things you can do to help you stay safe during your Tinder experience,” the Tinder Dating Safety Tips says.

This year also saw the introduction of a new reporting process in the Tinder app, so members can easily report inappropriate interactions. These safety features sit nicely alongside the in-app safety centre and other Tinder safety features like photo verification and ‘block contacts’. There’s also the background check tool.

Rory Kozoll, Head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder said: “The safety of our members is a priority. As we introduce new safety features, we are continually looking to expert partners, such as NO MORE, to spearhead conversations and promote messages about safety and dating.The release of the Healthy Dating Guides is a welcomed additional tool for our members.”

The Healthy Dating Guides is now available on NO MORE’s website.

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