‘The Real Love Boat’ Australia: The Cast Of Singles & Their Instagrams


Just when it feels like there couldn’t possibly be another reality TV dating show, Channel 10’s new series, The Real Love Boat comes along. 

With a cast of young singles ready to mingle, the show is similar to Married At First Sight, but thrown on a boat with a twist of Below Deck-style drama. Hosts Darren McMullen and Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier (who, surprise surprise, starred on Below Deck herself) will lead the cast through a series of dates and compatibility tests which will determine if science and matters of the heart can really align. 

Once aboard the ship, the Aussie contestants will sail through Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Turkey and Montenegro, so expect some pretty spectacular destination dates. 

So what’s the catch and how does one “win” the show? According to the official synopsis, only the strongest connections get to make it to the next port—in other words, if you’re on the boat for the wrong reasons, you’ll be dumped and taken back to land. Ultimately, we can assume one couple will be crowned winners and sail off into the sunset. 

The premise is based off a fictional television show from the 1970s, The Love Boat, which followed Captain Stubing and the cruise ship crew as they helped passengers with their romantic connections. 

“Nothing brings your walls down like looking for love…. Not being able to walk away and leave, I think, is a really big thing—but in some ways it’s a good thing as well. You’ve got to stick it out,” Ferrier said of the new show, via Sydney Morning Herald

“I know the Mediterranean, I know dating. All the pieces came together,” she added.

So who are the singles we’re about to get to know all too well? Below, meet the entire cast looking for love on The Real Love Boat

Moana Berryman, 26, Queensland

Instagram: @miss.moana.nui

Mikaila Norman, 23, Queensland 

Instagram: @mikaila_norman

Katie Langford, 25, Queensland

Instagram: @katestagram._ 

Tyler Grayling, 23, New South Wales 

Instagram: @tylergrayling

Chelsea Murray, 28, Queensland

Instagram: @chelsea_skye.murray

Sari Thaiday, 25, Queensland

Instagram: @sarithaiday

Courtney Justin, 25, Victoria

Instagram: @cjjustiin

Sally Victoria, 31, Western Australia

Instagram: @sally_victoria_

Naomi Tibbles, 28, Queensland

Instagram: @naomitibbles

Keanu Moore, 26, New South Wales 

Instagram: @keanumoore

Joshua Hack, 28, New South Wales 

Instagram: @mrjoshuahack

Jesse Anderson, 23, Victoria

Instagram: @jesse.andersonn

Jay Bonnell, 30, New South Wales 

Instagram: @jaywbonnell

Jack, 35, New South Wales

Harley Anderson, 23, Queensland

Instagram: @harleyandersonfitness

Daniel Goodburn, 25, Queensland 

Instagram: @dangoodburn

Dalton Ford, 27, Queensland

Instagram: @dalton.ford

Chris Antos, 29, Australian Capital Territory 

Instagram: @chrisantos31

Ben Milne, 39, Queensland

Instagram: @benjamin_milne.

Paddy Hughes, 27, New South Wales 

Instagram: @paddyhues

Paul Antoine, 28, Western Australia

Instagram: @paul___antoine

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