The Mindset That Stands Between You & Finding True Love | Orna & Matthew Walters


Do you ever wonder if love is in the cards for you, or if you’re destined to be alone?

Maybe your attitude about love is the real issue.

Dating can feel challenging for most people and unfortunately, your attitude might be making it more difficult to create lasting love. In fact, how you think about love and relationships is one of the biggest factors in your success.

Changing your mindset and your attitude can change your dating results.

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Ask yourself where your negativity comes from. Have you had your heart broken and found it difficult to recover? Does it seem like you can’t meet anyone that you’re even interested in?

A negative attitude can be a cover for the hurt, sadness and loneliness you feel. You may be afraid to hope again because you don’t want your heart broken all over again.

There is hope for you. You can change your attitude and get better results in your search for love.

Understanding how your mindset is affecting your search for love will give you the resources to start making some changes.

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Five ways your attitude is getting in the way of finding real love

1. It colors the way you see the world

If you believe that most men are cheaters, or that most are only interested in sex and not a relationship, then you will see evidence that proves your conviction all around you. Conversely, if you believe that most people are kind, or that love is easy to find, you will have experiences meeting a lot of nice people, and find love easily.

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