The latest toxic dating trend to beware of


Winter coating: The latest toxic dating trend to beware of

Nov 22, 2022, 11:51 am
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Winter coating refers to you getting back with an ex-partner, to avoid starting all over again

Cuffing season is here and dating activities are at their peak.

However, this year the dating world has a rather toxic trend to offer, “winter coating.”

As the temperature is dropping and living costs are going up, winter coating has picked up the pace.

Beware, this dating trend is not a sunshine-and-rainbows-trend, it’s just as cold as winter. Read on to know more.

Winter coating refers to when one reconciles with their former lover as the temperature drops and then dumps them as soon as winter is over. It is notoriously convenient and more cost-effective than starting to date someone new.

Difference between winter coating and cuffing season

In cuffing season you hit upon a new love interest and start dating from scratch and then dump them as spring arrives.

However, winter coating refers to you getting back with an ex-partner, to avoid starting it all over again.

This winter, the impending inflation has given rise to this toxic trend as a cost-effective alternative to seeing someone new.

Reconciliations don’t work out

Over 52% of around 1,150 UK singles surveyed by a dating app, Inner Circle, said they’ve been contacted by an ex who wanted to rekindle their connection, with 71% admitting it didn’t work out.

How to know if you are being winter coated

They are now your ex for a reason. If the reason why you two broke up seems to fade away at a time when there’s a chill in the air, you may need to be wary.

When they reach out, you might initially feel excited to hear from them again.

They would often love-bomb you to make you think they have changed for good.

How to avoid being winter coated

Take off your rose-tinted glasses and rethink the reason that led to your breakup.

Allow yourself time to reconsider to prevent hasty decision-making that you might regret later.

While it might seem easy to rekindle the love with an old flame, it is much more beneficial to focus on making new, meaningful connections that will serve you better in the long run.

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