the Icelandic dating term that celebrates being single


The concept of Eingleði (or Eingledi) is a composite of the Icelandic “einn” (one) and “gleði” (joy), and is all about embracing the joy of being single. That might mean relishing the time you can spend on your own or enjoying the freedom to meet new people and the sense of possibility. And it’s pronounced ain-gluh-day, because we know you were wondering.

“In Iceland, the idea of contented solitude is not seen negatively, while in the UK and elsewhere being alone is often perceived as a bad or embarrassing thing,” says David Simonarson, the CEO and co-founder of Smitten, a Gen-Z focused dating app from Iceland that launched in the UK last month. “Being single gives you the freedom to do what you please – whether that be sitting inside with a good book or going out and socialising.”

Eingleði, he adds, “is an Icelandic phrase that could be translated as ‘the joy of being single’ or ‘enjoying being on your own’. It signifies taking a step back from the ‘goal’ of being in a relationship and living in the moment; enjoying not just the freedom to date but the sheer fact of singlehood.”

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