The ‘Dead’ Have Their Own Dating Site To Find Love


KESWICK, ENGLAND APRIL 11: In this image released on April 19th, a ghostly apparition appears in the Lake District to mark the launch of supernatural crime thriller The Rising, available on Sky Max & NOW from 22nd April, in Keswick, England. (Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images for Sky)

In 2009, a man named Randy created Ghost Singles, a website for the living to find love with someone who has passed on. He created such a site because he would see ghosts lonely and unhappy, forcing them to haunt places to find fun and happiness. Randy says ghosts are everywhere! But you find them mostly in bars, older homes, hotels, restaurants, or other public places where there’s a crowd gathering. Randy said the ghosts deserve more than to be just forgotten.

Randy said there’s no complicated algorithms to make work. He said ghosts are very particular and know what they want. He said the only problem with the site and ghost dating is the very high possibility of being ghosted on your date. Because of this, he’s changed the websites membership to people who have already passed on. He said the living carry too much baggage, but when you die, it’s all left behind.

As of now, the sites feedback hasn’t been great. There’s lots of complaints of them excluding the living on the site. Thousands of living people have tried to sign up for the site, but Randy says no. He said inter-existence relationships seem wrong!

If you think this site was made as joke, think again! It very much is real!  The site is very much live and running, unlike it’s members.

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