The dating reality show ‘Romance before Debut’ brings together aspiring idol trainees to find love before they make their official debut


Korean and Japanese idol trainees will be given a chance to find love before they debut.

Recently ABEMA, a Japanese OTT platform, decided to broadcast a reality dating show titled ‘Love Before Debut,’ where idol trainees from Korea and Japan will live in one household together to find love before they debut.

ABEMA is well known for one of the most popular dating reality show, ‘Who is the Wolf?‘ This time, they are creating a dating show with young individuals aspiring to become K-pop idols in Korea.

‘Love Before Debut’ will include both Korean and Japanese idol trainees in their teens who will be living together in one house to find love before making their debut.

It has been revealed that former contestants from Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ and ‘Nizi Project‘ will appear on the show, as well as students from the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

The new dating show will start airing on January 26 with a total of 9 episodes.

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