The 5 Styles Of Dating — Which Dater Are You? | Gina Schuchman


Not everyone has the same goals in mind when they enter the dating world and if you don’t know that fact you are likely to be surprised and disappointed in most of your attempts at relationships.

Most people assume that everyone out in the Dating World has the same goals in mind. If we are looking for true love followed by marriage and kids, or no kids, we assume that’s what everyone we date is looking for too. We believe it is the Right Way and the Only Way to live life and have relationships.

The fact is that everyone has the right to date however they want to … but really, they should be honest and upfront so we don’t waste each other’s time. 

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Here is a basic list of the 5 kinds of dating people may be focusing on:

1. The Commitment dater

These folks want to find The Right One, settle down, marry, have kids, or not have kids and spend the rest of their lives with someone.

When dating they are looking at how they might fit together forever, how their kids would look, how their families would get along, whether or not they’d be financially stable, and if they’d enjoy growing old together.

2. The serially monogamous dater

Serial Daters like to have long-term monogamous relationships but don’t necessarily expect them to last a lifetime. They may have started out being a Commitment Dater but have given up over time as their relationships have ended badly.

They may have a secret hope that they could still meet The Right One but have become used to having a series of short relationships. These relationships might last anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years.

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