Tasia Taderera’s dating rant angers men


A Melbourne woman who declared she’s “done with men” after an unsuccessful first date has divided social media users, with some saying that she “expects too much”.

Tasia Taderera’s post-date rant drummed up more than one million views last week on TikTok, explaining the man “bought one drink” before interrogating her for two hours.

Gesturing to her outfit, she said she wanted to be wined and dined by a potential suitor.

“I don’t want to do this. I am so done with men. They are so disgusting,” Taderera said.

Tasia Taderera’s postdate rant went viral on TikTok.
TikTok / tasiataderera0

“Look at me, take me for dinner. Like, don’t try to get all of this information out of me over one drink that you don’t want to pay for, when I am looking this great.”

Speaking to her friend off-camera, Taderera suggested men should be given reviews at the end of each date as a means of getting them to lift their game from the “bare minimum”.

“I don’t have time for them anymore,” she added.

But not everyone agreed that what Taderera’s date had done was the “bare minimum”, with dozens of men accusing her of having expectations that are too high.

A Melbourne woman
She wanted to be wined and dined by a potential suitor.
TikTok / tasiataderera0

“You went with the wrong intentions. Get to know him first,” one commented.

“Then if you are really worth it he will wine and dine you, but not on the first date.”

“She only did the bare minimum too by getting dressed,” wrote another.

“What expectations do men have? I am starting to understand why most men find you entitled. What she needs to understand is if she wants food and drink, then she needs to pay for them herself.”

“Actually a drink on the first date is perfect,” said a third.

“When multi-dating, 1st date is [for] scanning. Then you select and 2nd date is wine & dine with the worthy 1s.”

Another said: “Maybe you expect too much.”

“I get it,” one woman chimed in, “but I think he was trying to get to know you before wining and dining. It’s a tough world out there, most of us are broke. You look fire though.”

Taderera’s comments resonated, though, with some other women, one commenting: “Girl I feel ya.”

“One drink over two hours – I would prefer to listen to my son singing ABC while I drink a bottle of wine,” wrote a second.

“I would love to be able to leave reviews on their profiles. Warn other women not to waste their time.”

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