Tammy Slaton Said It’s a ‘Hard No’ to Dating Anyone Her Size


TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 tells the story of Amy and Tammy Slaton. In episode 1 of the new season, Tammy headed to rehab after feeling unwell and hoping to lose weight. Then, in episode 2, she talked about dating — and she mentioned she didn’t have interest in dating any man her size.

Tammy Slaton said in ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Season 4 that she didn’t want to date anyone her size

Tammy Slaton in ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Season 4 | TLC via YouTube

Tammy Slaton is no stranger to dating. Fans of the TLC series likely remember Jerry Sykes, Tammy’s boyfriend of two years who was often featured on the show. Unfortunately, Jerry had a wife, and he and Tammy ultimately broke up.

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