Table for Two or Table for You? finds ‘Single By Choice’ Reduces Financial Stress This Valentine’s Day


The leading dating site’s new data finds the threat of a recession has accelerated the death of the commercial holiday

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — – part of Dating Group, the company behind over 40 online dating sites – today revealed that 61% of people will intentionally be single this Valentine’s Day. The responses show that a majority of singles are happily embracing the benefits of their independence, and that playing the field and entertaining multiple love interests is in.


“This new data study revealed that an unprecedented amount of people are single, and totally happy about it,” says Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of “Currently we’re seeing that singles are celebrating rather than stressing out about their relationship status (or lack of one) and taking a more carefree approach to dating.”

Key data points include:

  • 61% of respondents will be single this Valentine’s Day. Of those, a majority are currently entertaining multiple love interests.

  • 74% of singles surveyed said that Valentine’s Day adds too much pressure on a budding relationship.

  • 42% of respondents said they would break up with their partner to avoid having to budget for a special night to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • 38% of singles noted that on Valentine’s Day, they’ll be spending time with friends rather than a date. Meanwhile, 15% said they plan to go out to a bar with hopes of meeting someone new.

  • 40% of people in relationships claimed they are opting out of typical Valentine’s Day rituals this year. Of those who are opting out, 50% said that – amid inflation – the traditional dinner, drinks and gifts have lost their value.

  • Meanwhile, 50% of people in relationships are opting out of Valentine’s Day as they believe it’s more critical to make a mindful effort to show appreciation and to celebrate their partners every day of the year.

  • Of those who are dating or in relationships and who still plan on celebrating, 63% said they prefer a more intimate night together versus any over the top plans.

“People are prioritizing their own needs outside of dating and relationships right now, but they are still enjoying dating whenever they have time,” continues Sullivan. “They want to have fun, but if they don’t want a fling to become more serious, they’re waiting until they find someone whose life goals are really aligned with their own – rather than trying to force a relationship that isn’t the right fit.”

“Also, our findings show us that with the additional stress from ongoing inflation, singles and couples feel overwhelmed with the idea of overpriced displays of affection. The threat of a potential recession has really accelerated the death of this antiquated commercial holiday.”

Maria has included her advice on how to create special moments for your loved one all year long. Her tips include:

  • Instead of splurging on an upscale dinner and drinks on Valentine’s Day, set a goal to schedule a trip to a new and exciting destination together in the near future. Planning the travel experiences you both want to have can be exciting, will make you feel closer and will give you both something to look forward to throughout the year.

  • Even if you’re skipping the Valentine’s Day celebrations this year, surprise them with a small yet thoughtful gift. Show up with flowers or a bottle of wine on your next date. Pick up an affordable practical item they’ve been really wanting for a while. Remember that there doesn’t need to be a holiday to show your appreciation; a simple home-cooked dinner on a weeknight is an easy yet welcome way to show you care.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of words of affirmation. Telling your partner how proud you are of them or how happy you are with them is just as – if not more than – important as spending nights out on the town together. Try being genuine and straightforward, and tell your partner whenever you appreciate their efforts or see their good qualities shining through.

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