Swipe for Love: “To avoid fake profiles, have a short video call before deciding to meet the person”


Antra and Nishit crossed each other’s paths on Tinder to find love in the most unexpected place. In a chat with ETimes Lifestyle, the couple tells us all about the intricacies of online dating and the pros and cons that come with it.

Did you ever think you will find love online?
Antra: I went into the world of online dating with a broken heart and an open mind. I struggled to connect with people initially but then after a year of struggle, Nishit happened! Our connection has grown with each passing day.

Nishit: I opted for online dating when I decided to take a break after my 7-year-long relationship ended. But I never thought that the love of my life would be waiting for me on the other side.

How different is online dating from finding love around you?
Antra: Finding love around can become tiresome. I’m not the shy type but it’s difficult to hit on people I’ve known for a while. Meeting new people was also a task for me. Online dating removed that curtain of shyness and it became easier to talk to people through texts which gradually moved on to meets and dates.

Nishit: Finding love around versus finding love online is not really different for me. For me, love is love—it can come to you in different ways. Since I am a firm believer in love so I didn’t really find the two aspects different.

What are some of the things you don’t like when dating online?
Antra: My dad used to say “never trust anything or anyone online,” and that stuck with me. I’d be very sceptical while meeting new people I’d met on dating apps. You have no one who can vouch for the person you’re about to go on a date with. And that’s tricky to navigate.

Nishit: The most important thing from a personal safety standpoint is that I don’t know whom I am going to meet as we will be complete strangers when I will be on a date. It can turn out in different ways.

Were you putting up your perfect side while dating online or via texts? Or were you your true self?
Antra: I can’t pretend to be a different person at all! You get what you see. I don’t know how to be anyone else. And that has come in handy because Nishit loves me for the unapologetic person I am.

Nishit: I was always my true self with anyone and everyone I talk to, whether it was online or offline. Even Antra can also vouch for it now, that I cannot fake given any situation or person.

Can you tell us what your dating bio was about?
Antra: It was about me being an introverted extrovert! It also included my identity as a Potterhead. That got a lot of people interested in talking to me.

Nishit: It was about myself and the way I am. However, I was not able to find words at that time to describe it, so my childhood friend helped as friends are supposed to do! Haha!

Is connecting over online dating apps as exciting as meeting someone in a physical space?
Antra: As far as excitement goes, connecting online becomes monotonous after the first few days. Getting a new match is not the same as meeting someone in real and hitting it off! There’s still an old-world charm in meeting people in the bars, I think. I read a lot of romantic fluff, so this point of view can’t be helped.

Nishit: Yes, indeed it is exciting in fact I would say that your reach gets exponential when you meet people online than in a physical space, and also you can connect to more people at the same time. I love talking to new people and getting to know them is always a plus for me.

What drew you to your partner online?
Antra: He was very funny and still is! He looked so handsome in some of his pictures. Although his bio was very generic, he made up for it with his charm.

Nishit: She is a beautiful woman with a strong and mature personality which attracted me to her. She understood me very well which in turn helped me to be free around her quickly.

Did you come across any fake profiles or false identities online? Any tips to tell if a person is real or fake?
Antra: I was using Tinder 4 years ago and there wasn’t any option to gauge if the person you’re talking to is real or fake. It just came down to your instincts. I’ve not met anyone fake, thankfully!

Nishit: Yes, I did come across a few but I immediately caught them as soon as we chatted. My suggestion to the people on the app would be to do a short video call before going to meet the person.

Was it love at first sight when you both met or did you take your time getting to know your partner?
Antra: We took our time. I don’t believe in the concept of ‘love at first sight.’ You have to know a person to love them and in our case, that happened real quick because we just clicked. We’d meet every day and still do. The most we have gone without meeting each other is 8 days and that’s more than any of us can handle.

Nishit: There is a story behind it and can’t be explained in a few words, also none of us believed in love at first sight, but it is going very well since we started meeting regularly 4 years ago till date.

Do you feel taking chances or a ‘leap of faith’ is very important to get to where you are right now?
Antra: Of course! The decision to put your love & loyalty in one person is always a leap of faith. It doesn’t happen overnight. We made those decisions when we went from “dating casually” to “being in a relationship”.

Nishit: Yes, Antra took a leap of faith to trust me as she moved to Gurgaon. That leap of faith alone has made this possible today; we are about to get married and are so very grateful and happy about it!

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