Stan’s ‘Love Triangle’ 2022: Meet The Entire Cast


From streaming platforms to free-to-air TV, there’s no doubt that reality dating shows are taking over our screens. And while many have fairly obscure storylines, there are some that stick to the devil they know, and that’s where Love Triangle comes in.

From Love Island to Too Hot Too Handle, there are an endless stream of dating shows centred around physical appearance. But for Love Triangle, the new series wants you to imagine finding love sans the photos.
A Stan Original series, Love Triangle comes from the producers of Australia’s beloved Married At First Sight and aims to challenge a group of singles to let go of their obsession with finding the perfect partner visually, and focus on choosing someone they have a deep connection with.
But how is that different from Love Is Blind, you ask? Well, rather than living in a pod-filled dorm, these singles simply chat with potential flames via text messages on their phones. And while the contestants clearly have no idea who they’re talking to on the other end, neither will the audience. It’s not until they agree to go on a blind date that each person’s identities will be revealed.

Of course, their romantic flight or plight will depend on whether each person likes what they see during that first date. And if they don’t like what they see, audiences will be left wondering what will happen to the connection created via SMS.

Once their first dates are over, the newly formed couples will then move in together where drama will likely ensue and a shocking twist will turn the show on its head completely.

Ready to meet the contestants? Below, we’ve rounded up the entire cast of this year’s Love Triangle.

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