Spy: TV news romance and a newsman looking for love


1News sports presenter Andrew Saville has found romance with colleague Helen Castles.

The pair have gone public on social media about their relationship — both changing their Facebook profile pictures to loved-up pictures of them together.

The budding relationship was the talk of the media industry before Christmas, but neither Saville nor Castles wanted to elaborate when approached by Spy this week.


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Both Facebook posts had compliments from friends. One asked Saville if things were official.

One friend on Castles’ page called Saville “hot”.

“Aww thanks and yeah he’s a bit alright aye,” replied Castles.


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Castles, a 1News reporter, also shared pictures on her Instagram with 52-year-old Saville beside her at her 40th birthday party when she celebrated the milestone at Carrington Estate, Matai Bay, Northland, in November — perhaps something of a soft launch.

Saville has been married twice and has twin sons with Pamela Leong, whom he married in an intimate ceremony in 2011. Castles also has twin sons.

Meanwhile, another famous TV news face is looking for romance.

After 10 years of marriage, Spy understands RNZ investigative journalist Guyon Espiner separated from his wife, Emma Wehipeihana, last October.

Guyon Espiner is looking for love in 2023. Photo / Claire Eastham-Farrelly
Guyon Espiner is looking for love in 2023. Photo / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Over the past two years, the former hard-hitting TV political journalist has had a renaissance in his television work with documentaries for RNZ and TVNZ.


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In 2021, the award-winning journalist released Proof — a documentary about New Zealand’s drinking culture. Espiner took on the damages of the nation’s binge drinking and the alcohol industry with honesty and vigour and also revealed he had given up the booze himself.

Last year Espiner switched the crusade to a documentary on drugs, asking why New Zealand was failing to keep up with the rest of the world in changing its approach to drug use.

Sources tell Spy 52-year-old Espiner would love to meet that new someone special.

Spy knows of more than a few excited single ladies who were delighted to see he had put himself out there on networking and dating app Bumble.

Espiner’s Spotify list is impressive and diverse and in a Zombie apocalypse, he says on Bumble his plan is to escape to Waiheke Island, where he hopes Spotify and Netflix still work.

His interests are running, gigs, museums and galleries.


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