S’pore’s Own Reality Dating Show ‘One Week Love’ Has Catfights & Tears To Fulfil All Your Drama Needs


TheSmartLocal’s Reality Dating Show ‘One Week Love’ Sees 9 Singles Housed Together For 7 Days

If you were hooked on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle or Single’s Inferno, you’ll soon have another series to binge on — Singapore’s very own reality dating show One Week Love.

When you put a group of young singles under one roof, you’re bound to get some drama. But the million-dollar question remains: Will they find love?

Local media company TheSmartLocal (TSL) put that to the test by bringing nine contestants, aged between 20 and 29, together for a whole week.

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The series premiers on 18 Oct and over 10 episodes, viewers will watch as sparks fly and drama unfolds between these Singaporeans.

Catfights, tears & love triangles

Move aside, Singles Inferno, it’s time for us Singaporeans to have our very own reality dating show.

And if there’s anything we can learn from these shows, it’s that there’s sure to be tension, conflict, tears, and of course, love.

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In One Week Love, nine attractive singles from all walks of life spend seven days straight together at lyf Funan Singapore. And they will be without their phones the entire time.

However, the girls and guys will have separate sleeping arrangements.

Contestants will try to get to know one another and find love, even as they deal with the daily gripes of simply being together 24/7 .

Over 10 episodes, viewers will also get the chance to form their own opinions of these contestants.

To give you a sneak peek, the contestants include a model, a musician, a real estate agent, and a fitness instructor.

As the days go by and connections grow, tears will spill, and just like in real life, some will experience unrequited love while others find themselves caught in a love triangle.

Source: @thesmartlocalsg on Instagram

One Week Love contestants take part in challenges

In One Week Love, contestants will go through different challenges to build rapport, forge connections, develop friendships, and more.

one week love

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Activities will range from cooking to gymming to high elements at Adventure HQ.

one week love

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They’ll even go through some wet and wild times at Wild Wild Wet together.

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And for each challenge, winners will get a chance to go on a date with someone of their choice.

But other contestants will also be able to get their one-on-one time in.

Every night, contestants will pick someone they want to have private time with over breakfast the next morning.

At the end of the seven days, contestants will get to choose their final partner once and for all.

First episode premieres on 18 Oct

One Week Love is inspired by and works like some of our favourite reality shows from over the years.

It is a combination of Single’s Inferno, Terrace House, and Running Man, but with our own unique Lion City twist.

As many of us will know, Singaporeans can be rather – to put it politely – cautious and wishy-washy when it comes to first dates.

Forget the small talk and expensive fancy dinners. TSL shared that they chose the show to span over a week as they wanted to speed up this admittedly painful process of getting into a relationship.

Plus, emotions are bound to run high when condensing months of dating into one week, making for great entertainment.

The contestants, aged between 20 and 29, were shortlisted from public submissions and social media castings.

one week love dating show

Image courtesy of TheSmartLocal

And every single of them claims that they are ready to find love.

If you can’t wait to see how that goes, the 10-episode series will premiere on Tuesday (18 Oct) on TSL’s YouTube channel.

In the meantime, you can check out the One Week Love trailer below:

Disclosure: MS News and TheSmartLocal are companies under TSL Media.

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