South Korean reality dating show goes viral after one female contestant confesses to another


If you think the webtoon and now-Korean drama “Love Alarm” was good, wait till you see the reality dating show based off of it.

South Korean online streaming service Wavve launched another reality dating program titled, “Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!”, which follows the format set in the webtoon and Korean drama “Love Alarm”. If you can remember the premise of the webtoon/drama, users use a dating app called “Love Alarm” and are able to tell if someone within 10 meters from them has romantic feelings for them.

In the reality dating show, the contestants are allowed to choose 2 people they have feelings for. Another difference that “Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” has among other dating shows (hi, Singles’ Inferno) is that instead of appearing with their real names, they have usernames instead.

The dating show recently reached viral status after the events of the 11th episode, where one female contestant named Jasmine, confidently confessed her feelings to another female contestant named White Rose.

People who follow the show went crazy over the show’s turn of events. Even the hosts themselves were surprised to see this whole thing unfold. Hong Seok-cheon, one of the hosts and one of the very first openly gay South Korean celebrities, was visibly emotional as he and the other hosts watched.

And wow, surprisingly, the contestant that confessed to the other female contestant is from the Philippines!

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