Song Joong Ki’s dating history & timeline as K-drama star starts new chapter


Song Joong Ki is currently in the headlines as the Reborn Rich actor just confirmed his latest relationship. Here, we are taking a look at Song Joong Ki’s dating history and timeline which features one epic love story with a K-drama star.

Joong Ki is known as the ultimate k-drama heartthrob who has delivered record-making dramas like Reborn Rich, Vincenzo, Descendants of the Sun, Arthdal Chronicles, and more. Nicknamed as the flower boy of Korea, Joong Ki’s love life has always been an interest to his fans, so with almost every new drama, the actor was wrapped up in dating rumors with his co-stars. Ultimately, he confirmed his relationship in 2017 with Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Hye Kyo.

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Song Joong Ki’s dating history and timeline

From Park Bo Young to Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki’s rumored dating history involves a number of famous K-drama stars but the actor’s agency denied most rumors with co-stars. Before we take a look at Song Joong Ki’s dating history and timeline, one name that has to be mentioned who became a very close friend of Joong Ki is Park Bo Young.

Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki

Joong Ki and Bo Young starred in the hit movie Wolf Boy. The lead pair’s close friendship led to dating rumors when Joong Ki openly joked in a promotional meeting, “Park Bo Young is mine. I wish I could be in a romantic scandal with her.” He asked Bo Young next, “Why don’t we hold our hands all the time, so this can happen?”

The casual conversation made many fans believe the duo is dating but later Bo Young clarified that they are like siblings. As everyone around them knew about their close friendship, the agency did not even bother to deny the dating rumors.

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Song Joong Ki’s confirmed relationship

After numerous rumors with co-stars, Song Joong Ki confirmed his relationship with Song Hye Kyo in 2017 when the duo announced that they will be getting married in October 2017.

Close friends of the couple divulged that Joong Ki is very romantic and pursued Hye Kyo, and bought snacks for the actress and staff after their drama Descendants of the Sun wrapped up filming. While initially, Hye Kyo was not sure about dating another celebrity, Joong Ki’s sincerity won her over.

Even before the relationship became public knowledge, a source close to the couple shared that the two did not try to hide their relationship.

“Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo didn’t really try to hide their relationship from the people around them. They first told people they trusted, and if someone else asked about it, they neither affirmed nor denied,” the source revealed.

After being married for almost two years, Joong Ki announced that he is filing for divorce from Song Hye Kyo in 2019.

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Joong Ki’s current relationship

Three years after the divorce, Song Joong Ki has confirmed a new relationship with a reportedly British woman after the couple was spotted in Bali and Singapore together.

Pictures and videos of the star and his lady love on a date in Bali and in other places have gone viral on social media as well, and fans are swooning over them. Joong Ki wrapped his promotional tour for his latest drama Reborn Rich and returned to Korea with his new girlfriend facing the press cameras and fans said, “we stan a brave man.”

Joong Ki’s latest drama Reborn Rich made new record

Song Joong Ki keeps breaking new records with every new drama and Reborn Rich is no exception. With over five episodes garnering more than 20% viewership in the Nielsen Korea chart, Reborn Rich became the most-watched drama of 2022 in South Korea.

The finale of the K-drama recorded its highest viewership of 26.948% as per Nielsen Chart.

Take a look at how the story ends here.

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In other news, Song Joong Ki’s dating history & timeline as K-drama star starts new chapter

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