Soccer Star Dunks on His Team to Take Part in Dating Game Show ‘Love Island’ After Ending as Top-Scorer Last Season


Over the years, soccer fans have heard quite a few bizarre stories. A player not turning up for training, a brawl in the dressing room, and banter from behind-the-scenes videos are a few common fun instances that fans come across. However, this piece of news coming from the 8 tier of English soccer will leave every fan literally scratching their head.


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Recently, Macclesfield Town FC released one of the most bizarre public statements ever. Quite a few soccer fans and pundits are bemused after reading the statement.


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A soccer player to appear on Love Island!

23-year-old English striker, Tom Clare, has made one of the strangest demands to his soccer club. The English striker has asked for a period of leave. However, the reason for asking for that leave is what gets everyone. Macclesfield Town has granted extended leave to one of their most key players in the squad to take part in ‘Love Island’. It’s also important to remember that Clare scored a whopping 23 goals last season, becoming Macclesfield Town’s top scorer.

Love Island is a reality dating television show. Clare will immediately fly to South Africa to start filming for the upcoming season. No one in the soccer world can wrap their head around this. Macclesfield town revealed in their statement, “Tom approached us with the request a number of weeks ago. We were happy to show the same loyalty that he has to us since becoming one of our first-ever signings back in 2021”.

The statement continued, “Despite the fact that we are disappointed to lose a player of Tom’s calibre for the foreseeable future, we also recognize the incredible opportunity that this represents for both him and his family on a personal level”.


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Before ending the statement, Macclesfield Town did confirm that Clare would remain a part of their first-team plans. The club stated that the 23-year-old soccer star expressed an ‘unwavering desire’ to return to soccer after the show.

Robbie Savage didn’t think twice before granting Clare the leave!

The English media then approached Robbie Savage to clear an obvious amount of doubts regarding the same. Welsh soccer legend Robbie Savage is currently the Director of Football at Macclesfield Town. However, Savage was very calm and confident about the situation. He didn’t seem to make a big deal out of the ‘unique’ that he received from his main player.

Robbie Savage told the media that he appreciated the fact that Clare spoke directly to the board about the matter. The soccer legend revealed that things could’ve gotten a lot worse if Tom Clare went to South Africa behind their back.


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Savage revealed that he had no right to step in the player’s way. The soccer legend told Mirror, “If he does well on Love Island, he could earn 20 times his current annual income in a single year”. Robbie Savage said that this could be a life-changing opportunity for Clare, and he bid him goodbye with the best of wishes.


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How do you feel about this entire situation? Does it devalue the sport of soccer in a way? Let us know in the comments below.

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