Signs Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Captain Glenn Is In A Relationship


Captain Glenn started dropping hints that he is in a relationship, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are thrilled to meet the mystery woman.

Captain Glenn Shephard is a fan-favorite from Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and he has released some hints on social media about who he is in a committed relationship with. Unlike Captain Lee Rosbach, who has been happily married to his wife for over 40 years, Captain Glenn was happy keeping his romantic life out of the spotlight before showing off the one. He posted a cheeky series of Instagram pictures that made fans go wild, and has all but confirmed he is in a relationship now.


Captain Glenn started by posting a picture on Instagram of a woman on a plane, saying “sat next to this lovely lady” and continued by writing “she was very nice, but I did have to squabble with her a bit over the window seat.” Despite pretending that they had never met each other before, fans started guessing that the captain was joking, and they were already dating. The pair looked cozy on their flight together, and fans got even more proof when he posted a picture next to the mystery woman on the red carpet in Mexico City.

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Captain Glenn Goes Public With His Girlfriend

Reddit users were thrilled for the lovable BDSY captain, with u/Wizzmer starting off the thread by saying “you go Captain Glenn!” and others added that “his comments on IG made it seem like a girlfriend.” Eagle-eyed Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans pointed out that she resembles the woman from the picture hanging in Captain Glenn’s cabin. Though some fans thought that it was just a fan the captain was having fun with on his social media, his second picture convinced fans it was real. U/lilly_liver said, “looks like Captain Glenn is officially off the market” and fans showered him with love in the comments, saying “I wish him and his partner all the love!

Fans have been burned before though, as there was a time Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers thought Captain Glenn was dating deckhand Sydney Zaruba. After the season 2 reunion, Sydney said that she was dating a captain and working with him on a boat, leading fans to believe she had gotten together with Parsifal III’s very own Captain Glenn. He jokingly posted about it, saying that they are just friends, and there had been radio silence on his love life until now.

Despite performing a sweet wedding ceremony on BDSY, Captain Glenn said weddings gave him a rash. He may have changed his stance, and wedding bells could be ringing in his future. For now, Captain Glenn looks happy to show off his significant other to fans, who are eager to learn even more about her. Since Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 has been confirmed, fans may get a chance to learn more about her on the show, and she could even make a cameo.

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Source: Glenn Shephard/Instagram, u/Wizzmer/Reddit, u/lilly_liver/Reddit

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