Should ‘situationship’ really be an official relationship status?


“A situationship is now being viewed by many younger singles as the dating equivalent of taking your foot off the pedal, giving time for the relationship to develop,” Michelle Begy, founder of Ignite Dating, tells Stylist, explaining why the trend has suddenly risen to such prominence.

“There is a connection there, but you’ve both decided it’s not quite time to become serious yet. Some see it as a good opportunity to see what else happens in their love life without the tie of being properly committed to somebody else. They get the benefits of a relationship while also retaining their single status.”

It’s true. A situationship may help set you up for success in those early days because it removes those early pressures on navigating a blossoming relationship.

“Situationships can fit into hectic lives and remove that early stress of wondering where you are going precisely because you are keeping the stakes low,” Begy continues. “You can grow closer in a more natural way without all of the expectations that come with early relationships. A situationship can give breathing room to an emerging romance, and this might be just what you need to decide that, actually, this person is right for you.”

“Situationships get a bad rap but when managed in the right way, they can be positive and fulfilling for both parties, both in the short-term and the long-term,” agrees Jessica Alderson co-founder and relationship expert at So Syncd.

“It’s not uncommon for situationships to turn into something more serious, but it’s not something you should count on either. There are a number of benefits to situationships, most of which involve people having their needs fulfilled and getting to know each other in an authentic way, without the pressures of a committed relationship.”

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