Sadie Robertson Huff Has A Message To Christians In Dating And Marriage Relationships


Well-known Christian author and speaker Sadie Robertson Huff has a warning to Christians in dating relationships. And it’s a message that every believer should take seriously to honor God’s Word.

Dating And Relationships

In a “Whoa That’s Good Podcast” episode, Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, shared their wisdom about dating and relationships. In the podcast, the “Duck Dynasty” star stressed the importance of not taking the Bible verses the out of context to justify dating when it is clearly intended for marriage.

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“I think sometimes we take these verses that are actually intended for marriage or intended for God’s love for us,” she explained. “And we put them in a dating relationship.”

Then Sadie confessed that she knew this very well because she used to do it too. And such misconception often leads to “dating relationships that we really shouldn’t be in.”


Further, the author advised to “use discernment.” If they see their partner “doing something perpetually that is wrong,” that is a “red flag.” She then encouraged me to cut the relationship with that person.


“I think that is when you go,” she added. “‘This person is showing me the side of his character that is not just a one-time mistake but actually a part of who he is and a sin he struggles with.’ That should be a red flag to you.”

Advice To Married Couple

Meanwhile, Sadie also gave advice to those who are married and in a covenant relationship. The actress highlighted not to keep record of wrongs with their spouse. Most especially if they have already asked for forgiveness.

She then referenced 1 Corinthians 13:5 in the Scripture, where it states that love “keeps no record of wrongs.”

“I do think that this verse is so important,” she explained. “And this has convicted me a lot in our relationship. It’s so easy to be like, ‘Well, you didn’t do this,’ or ‘you didn’t do that.’… Or ‘remember one year ago when you did this.’ You cannot do that. You cannot bring up all the past because one moment is going wrong.”

Sadie then directed the message toward the great love of God.

“What if God was always keeping a record of wrongs over us? And I think that’s the root of where that verse comes from,” she further added. “God is love. God keeps no records of wrongs. God’s forgiveness washes over us. When the blood of Jesus comes over us, our sins are forgiven, and God loves us as new and as pure and as lovely.”

Reference | The Christian Post

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